Commercial Litigation

Holm Law Firm represents Montana small, medium, and large businesses for all their legal needs. This can include virtually any dispute to arise in your business, including breach of contract, unpaid invoices and collections, negligence and tort defense,  negotiations, and much more.

Breach of Contract

Contract breaches occur when one party to an agreement fails to hold up his or her end of the bargain. This can cost you or your business substantial amounts of time and money to contest. Holm Law Firm is well versed in contract construction and prosecuting or defending breach of contract claims.


Construction Disputes

Flaws or design errors in the construction of a building due to poor workmanship or inferior and defective materials or systems used on the project can lead to major headaches and great financial loss for one or more parties involved. Holm Law Firm handles construction defect and dispute cases throughout Eastern Montana from our office in Billings.

General Civil Litigation

Holm Law Firm has a broad civil litigation practice, handling simple and complex legal disputes in Billings, Laurel, Miles City, Glendive, Sidney, and all throughout the State of Montana. If you need legal advice or representation, call an experienced civil litigation lawyer to help assist you with your legal needs. Call Holm Law Firm today.